Casinos, both online and in traditional settings, enjoy mutually beneficial relationships with those customers and players who are considered “High Rollers” gaming with large amounts of money. Because the casinos stand to benefit from the flow of money provided by high rollers, they extend special opportunities and bonuses to those players who make VIP status according to the casinos’ standards of measurement. You can take advantage of the VIP bonus by establishing yourself as a high-rolling VIP player at the online casinos where you like to play. VIP status can be achieved by methods other than simply gambling with high stakes, although the amount of money-flow associated with your gaming is certainly a factor in the equation.

Each casino has its own qualifications for VIP or High-Roller status, and it’s worth looking into those parameters at the online casinos which are your own favorite places to play. If you’d specifically like to place yourself in the high-roller category and enjoy the benefits and pay-backs of VIP status, you can actually play strategically with that goal in mind. First, take the time to research the VIP-club information for the different online casinos where you like to play. What are their qualifications for a player to start enjoying the VIP benefits, and what are the specific benefits that they offer to those players? Most online casinos have some minimum money-amounts associated with a player’s achievement of high-roller status. These might be minimums of bets placed, minimums of available credit, minimums of earned comp points (which a player racks up as they play and place bets), or some combination of these different measurements.

Perhaps you don’t have the resources to hit high-roller status simultaneously in multiple online casinos, but you can strategically focus your playing to get yourself placed in the VIP category at a single casino, and then perhaps in more than one casino if you apply that strategy serially to one online casino at a time. Having researched the requirements and the benefits of your favorite casinos, pick one to start, and concentrate your gaming, your use of funds, and your gaming-traffic at that single casino. If you take this approach rather than spreading your spending and your gaming across multiple online casinos, you’ll give yourself the opportunity to qualify as a high-roller at that casino where you’re focusing your efforts. Instead spreading your dollars and your comp points across several online casinos, if you temporarily contain your play at a single online casino, you’ll be racking up the comp points and record of betting, earning yourself a quicker ticket through the high rollers’ door.

Once you establish yourself as a VIP, you can start enjoying the kick-backs and bonuses of the VIP program. These might include higher limits, faster movement of money, higher conversions for comp points when you convert them into cash, and additional bonuses. Entering the VIP realm actually helps you get more for your money with your gaming, and can even give you the opportunity to put those resources to work at attaining VIP status at additional online casinos.